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Innovation Football (Innoball) - Thumbs up!


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great success

in the real world!



Innoball - Innovation Football - the fastest way to train and evaluate innovation team



"A game is like a mirror that allows you to look at yourself." ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Smart Solution To Challenging Problems


Problems faced by various innovation stakeholders

Entrepreneurs / Would-be Entrepreneurs

How to develop great venturepreneurial arts and skills?

How to assess the viability of a startup idea?

Startup Ventures

How to prepare the entrepreneurial team for real-life battles?

How to attract venture capital investors?

Business Incubators

How to grow winning startups more effectively?

How to show the greatness of incubated firms to the public?

Mature Firms

How to select innovation projects to invest in?

How to select the best players for the innovation team?

How to enhance entrepreneurial skills of the innovation team?


How to become more innovative and competitive?

How to help students develop better entrepreneurial skills?

How to make university startups more successful?

University Students

How to attract greater job opportunities?

How to become a successful entrepreneur?

Venture Capital Investors

How to select winning startups better and faster?

How to evaluate the entrepreneurial teams of a startup?


How to find great innovators and the best creative talents?


Innovation Football is the SMARTEST solution!