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Vadim Kotelnikov, inventor of INNOBALL - innovation brainball entrepreneurial simulation game

Invented in 2010, INNOBALL is a must-play strategic simulation game that helps design a better journey to great success of a breakthrough project.

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INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball) entrepreneurial simulation game will help you to turn your idea to a beautiful butterfly-like business.

Iterative Innovation Process

The innovation journey from concept to implementation is managed as a virtuous spiral of a series of cycles consisting of four steps:

1.Ideation and design of the next major strategic move.
2.INNOBALL simulation game to anticipate challenges and prepare to address them in an effective way
3.Entrepreneurial action – a step into the unknown
4.Learning SWOT questions – analyzing success and failures, discovering weaknesses and new entrepreneurial opportunities.
INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball) as a Success Booster

INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation game helps innovators prepare to win and achieve far beyond initial aspirations.

Innovators acquire entrepreneurial risk reduction capabilities by learning how to anticipate challenges and turn them to opportunities.

By doing so, they build self-confidence, readiness to take risk, and ability to address challenges on the way to a stretch goal in a more effective way.

INNOBALL is also a great a self-help for self-starters.


When you launch a breakthrough project, its numerous opponents will fight back.

INNOBALL helps you win by strengthening your strategies and by building your ability to anticipate challenges and turn them to entrepreneurial opportunities.




Win First, and then Go To War

Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War, believed that victory is won long before the confrontation and insisted that a skilled warrior can observe, calculate and outwit the adversary without ever engaging in a battle. ‘Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win,’ he said. This philosophy works in any competitive environment where people, or companies find themselves contesting with one another for a specific goal.

To Know Your Enemy, Become Your Enemy

Make it a habit to take another’s point of view.

•If you were your target customer group, how would your disruptive offering seem to them? What they might dislike or be suspicious of? What existing ties may cause their strong resistance to change? What could make them abandon their old habits and switch to your product?
•If you were your multi-faced and multi-faceted competitor, how would you kill your innovation? Would you target the team, the partners, the market, or all of them? How could you outsmart the competitors and prevent or solve problems created by them? How could you turn these problems to opportunities?
•If you were the Mr. Resistance-To-Change, what barriers would you erect inside and around your project? How could you overcome these barriers?
•If you were the Mr. Bad-Luck, what failures would you cause in your project, technology, organization, processes, partnerships or customer acquisition approaches? How could you reduce these risks or turn failures to opportunities?




Application Areas

INNOBALL was invented to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders implement disruptive business / innovation / change projects far more successfully.



INNOBALL innovation simulation game as a stretch tool  



Benefits of INNOBALL

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