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Author of INNOBALL simulation game

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Vadim Kotelnikov, author of INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation game


Vadim Kotelnikov, inventor of INNOBALL - innovation brainball entrepreneurial simulation game

Invented in 2010, INNOBALL (Innovation Brainball) is a must-play strategic simulation game that helps design a better journey to great success of a breakthrough project.

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When you launch a breakthrough project, its numerous opponents will fight back.

INNOBALL helps you win by strengthening your strategies and by building your ability to anticipate challenges and turn them to entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Exceed your dream results!



INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation games how to succeed in radical innovation change  


→ Achieve success far beyond initial aspirations

→ Strengthen and assess a radical project team




Application Areas

INNOBALL was invented to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders implement disruptive business / innovation / change projects far more successfully.




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